Weebly Video Upload Limit

Weebly Video Upload Limit

Weebly imposes a file size limit on videos, which can impact small businesses and other organizations that rely on video content to market their products and services. Below, we’ll take a closer look at the Weebly video upload limit.


Weebly Video Upload Limit

Weebly has a video upload limit of 1GB, and while this might seem like a lot to most users, longer HD videos can easily hit this limit.

If you want to upload a larger than 1GB video, you’ll need to split it into segments using a video editing tool like Filmora and upload each one separately.


Weebly Video Size

Weebly offers high-definition video hosting, and all videos are encoded in the 16:9 aspect ratio and have a maximum file size of 1GB. This video format is perfect for displaying on widescreen monitors and high-definition smartphone screens.


Weebly Video Support

Weebly supports video uploads in MP4, MPG, MOV, and WMV formats.

Weebly also makes it easy to embed videos from other sites, such as YouTube or Vimeo

These video sharing platform are an excellent way to get around Weebly’s video upload limit since you can upload large videos on YouTube and embed them on a Weebly website.


Weebly Video Encoding

Weebly automatically encodes uploaded videos for faster downloads and smoother playback. However, in some cases, this encoding process can result in a loss of quality.

If you’re experiencing poor video quality after uploading your video to Weebly, we recommend re-encoding the video using a third-party encoding tool like Wondershare UniConverter before uploading it to your website.



Weebly File Storage



Weebly File Upload Limit

Weebly has a file upload limit of 250MB, which is plenty for most users. However, if you need to upload larger files, there are a few ways to do so. One option is to use a third-party file sharing service like Dropbox or Google Drive. Then create a shared link for your file and paste it into the Weebly editor.


Weebly Storage Limit

Weebly offers unlimited file storage and bandwidth for all users on paid plans. That means that you can upload as many files as you want to your Weebly site, and there’s no limit on the amount of traffic your site can receive. So if you’re looking for a platform that won’t limit your storage or bandwidth, Weebly is a great option!


Weebly Free Storage Limit

Weebly’s free storage limit is 500 MB, and individual files can be no larger than 10 MB in size. If you need more storage space, you can upgrade to one of Weebly’s premium plans.