Best Squarespace Template for a Doctor

Best Squarespace Template for a Doctor

If you’re looking for the best Squarespace template for a doctor you’ve come to the right place. On this page, you’ll find a list of new Squarespace templates that make it easy to create a professional website that’s ready to meet the demands of the current healthcare landscape.


Best Squarespace Template for a Doctor



Clove Template Squarespace

Clove Template Squarespace Doctor Website

The Clove Squarespace Template is the best Squarespace template for doctors that want to create a professional online presence. This template has pre-made layouts for an About Page, Services Page, Team Page, Contact Page, and a Blog.

The Clove Squarespace Template also includes a built-in booking system that’s powered by Squarespace Scheduling. This booking system lets patients schedule their own appointments using an easy to use graphical interface.

The Squarespace Scheduling Service also integrates with most medical scheduling software, and it even supports credit card payments.

If you want to learn more about the Clove Squarespace Template (Click Here)



Myhra Template Squarespace

Myhra Template Squarespace

The Myhra Squarespace Template is the best Squarespace Template for health professionals that offer online wellness services. This website template includes built-in features that make it easy to schedule 1:1 consultations with your patients.

You can also create helpful health guides and online courses using the Myhra Template, and you can even coordinate live video conference sessions.

The Myhra Template also supports memberships and recurring subscriptions using Stripe payments.



Corrigan Template Squarespace

Corrigan Template Squarespace

The Corrigan Squarespace Template is a professional website template that can be used as a doctor’s office landing page. This template includes multiple pre-built layouts including an About Page, Areas Of Practice Page, Team Page, and a Contact Us Page.

Overall, the Corrigan Squarespace Template is a good starting point if you’re looking to quickly set up a simple website for a small medical practice.



Camino Template Squarespace

Camino Template Squarespace

The Camino Squarespace Template is one of the best website templates for a dermatologist or an esthetician. The stylish modern design of this template also makes it perfect for doctors that want to display images and embedded videos about their services.

The Camino Squarespace Template also includes a full set of custom layouts for a Services Page, About Page, and a Contact Page. In addition, this template also includes a fully automated client booking system using Squarespace Scheduling.



Grow Well Template Squarespace

Grow Well Template Squarespace Health

The Grow Well Squarespace Template is the best Squarespace template for doctors and health professionals that want to set up membership programs for their patients.

This professional website template includes layouts for Online Educational Resources, Real-time Updates, and 1:1 Lifestyle Coaching.

The Grow Well Template also makes it easy to accept online payments when you sign up for the Squarespace Business Plan.

If you want to try out the Grow Well Template (Click Here)



Colima Template Squarespace

Colima Template Squarespace

The Colima Squarespace Template (View Demo) is the best website template for an alternative medicine practice. This template has a client booking system and it also supports payments using most major credit cards using the Squarespace Scheduling System.

The Colima Squarespace template has pre-made layouts for doctor biographies, blog posts, and a services page. It also integrates with Google Maps, which allows you to put a map on any page to help guide patients to your office’s physical location.



Florence Template Squarespace

Florence Template Squarespace

The Florence Squarespace Template is a simple landing page template for professionals in the health and wellness industry. This single page template allows visitors to contact your office directly via phone or E-Mail. It also supports social media connections that allow people to follow your practice on Facebook or Instagram.



Randi Template Squarespace

Randi Template Squarespace

The Randi Squarespace Template is one of the best website templates for a dietitian. This single page template is primarily focused on booking patient consultations.

Visitors to the site can either book an appointment using a built-in pop-up with a simple online form. Alternatively, people can click the “Give me a call” link to contact your offices directly using their Smartphone.



Lakshi Squarespace Template

Lakshi Template Squarespace

The Lakshi Squarespace Template is the best Squarespace template for a doctor, nutritionist, or occupational therapist. This template has a strong focus on personalized client services, and it integrates with the Squarespace Scheduling System.

It’s even possible to use the Lakshi template to create useful health and wellness blog posts for content marketing purposes with embedded images and video guides.



Irving Template Squarespace

Irving Template Squarespace

The Irving Squarespace Template is the best website template for a sports medicine physician. It’s also perfect for a physical therapy practice since it’s geared towards the fitness industry. However, you can modify the Irving template to meet the needs of any medical field since it has a clean modern design paired with a built-in booking and payment system.



Doctor Website and Marketing

Once you get your Squarespace website up and running you’ll probably want to promote your services to a larger pool of potential patients. In the following sections we’ll touch on some of the best medical website marketing opportunities.


E-Mail Marketing for Doctors

One of the best ways to reach new and current patients is through E-Mail marketing.

It’s a very simple process to incorporate an E-Mail opt-in form on your new website using Constant Contact (Free Trial)

Once you have an E-mail Service set up you can use it to educate patients about new or current medical services your medical practice offers.

It’s also a great way to alert patients about upcoming appointments or to remind people about preventative health services.

You can also use E-Mail to share healthcare resources along with updated information about health-related current events.

If you want to learn more about how to effectively use E-Mail Marketing (Click Here)



Search Engine Marketing for Doctors

Search Engine Marketing (SEO) is a great way to drive free traffic to a new website.

As you may already know, millions of people search for health-related information on Google on a daily basis.

To reach these people all you need to do is publish high-quality health-related articles on topics that are related to your medical specialty.

It’s also a good idea to list your website on a “Google My Business Page”, so people in your area can find contact information for your medical practice.

If you want to get started with search engine marketing you can find out which medical topics to write about using KeywordMate (Free Trial)



Online Advertising for Doctors

Having a website also opens the door to using online advertising to reach new patients. You can advertise your new site on Google, Bing, or Facebook.

These advertising platforms usually offer free coupons worth $100 to $150 when you sign up for a new account.

Just be aware that advertising can be tricky to master if you’re new to digital marketing. If you need some help learning the ropes we recommend you learn more about running online ads before you start investing heavily in PPC advertising



HIPAA-Compliant Doctor Video Conferencing Solutions

Having a website also makes it easy to promote and book online video appointments and screenings. The following video services are HIPAA-Compliant and they offer video features designed specifically for the healthcare industry.


Zoom for Healthcare

High-Quality Video

Small Clinic Support

Large Enterprise Options



Unlimited Users and Storage

Designed for Mental Health Services

Integrated Electronic Healthcare Software

Free Options

Easy to Use



Best Websites for Doctor Ratings

It’s also a good idea once you get your Squarespace website set up to create a profile on the popular doctor ratings websites.

Make sure to add a link to your new website and post any updated information about your medical practice.



Claim Your Free: HealthGrades Profile (Click Here)



Claim Your Free: RateMDs Profile (Click Here)