Best Shopify Theme for Hair Products

Best Shopify Theme for Hair Products

On this page, we will go over some of the best Shopify themes for hair products. Plus, this guide will also cover where to find suppliers and how to create a logo so you can personalize the theme and build out a unique and recognizable haircare brand.



Best Shopify Theme for Hair Products



Triss – Hair Extension, Beauty Salon Shopify Theme

Triss - Hair Extension, Beauty Salon Shopify Theme

Triss is a Shopify theme with an expansive set of features and responsive design. The designer has taken care to make this template as easy to use as possible, which means that you can start selling your hair products in no time at all.

This theme includes many different layouts for pages such as the homepage, blog posts, product page, about us page, and contact info. Every one of these layouts works on any screen size so it will look great on mobile devices too.

And with limitless color scheme options available through CSS styling or pre-built templates, you can make your site unique by adding your own personal touch.



Avery | Hair Wig, Extension Shopify Theme

Avery | Hair Wig, Extension Shopify Theme

Avery is the best Shopify theme for hair products. It has a lot of useful features that can help you increase your sales and conversions on your eCommerce store, such as product image swap/ advanced product swatches, which allow you to upload more than one photo per item. And it has different styles of mega menus, and built-in up-sells, and cross-sell features as well.

It also allows you to embed video tutorials, social media feeds product carousel sliders, or banner ads on product pages, landing pages, and blog posts.

This template also has multi-currency support so customers will be able to check out without having to calculate currency exchange rates themselves. In addition, there is a built-in ask an expert form included with this theme where customers can submit questions about your products or services which can help increase your store’s average cart value.



Trisha | Hair Weave, Hair Wig, Extensions Marketplace Shopify Theme

Trisha | Hair Weave, Hair Wig, Extensions Marketplace Shopify Theme

Trisha is the best Shopify theme for hair products. It’s the perfect theme for anyone who wants to do more with their online store.

Trisha Shopify Theme Features:

Product Carousel – Increase your conversion rate by showing multiple product images on one page. This feature allows customers to view all of your products without having to click through pages and pages of content which can be overwhelming at times.

Pop-Up Search Option – The pop-up search option will help increase conversions as well because it makes searching much faster than using the standard drop-down menu found on most themes. Customers don’t want to wait around when they’re shopping online, so this feature helps speed up the process and get them where they need to go quickly.

Enhanced Instant Search – Another great way to increase conversions is by adding instant search results right below the main search bar (which also has autocomplete enabled). This means that if someone starts typing “Hair” into the enhanced instant search box, suggestions like “Conditioner”, “Shampoo”, etc., will appear immediately below the search box in real-time.



Shopify Hair Extensions Themes – Shopify Theme

Shopify Hair Extensions Themes - Shopify Theme

This bundle of 3 Shopify Hair Extension Themes is suitable for salons and online stores selling any kind of hair care product. Each theme comes with demo content already installed so that you can get started right away without having to spend hours building pages from scratch. And best of all you get all three themes for the price of one theme at most Shopify theme stores.



Bardy – Beard Oil Shopify Theme

Bardy - Beard Oil Shopify Theme

The Bardy – Beard Oil Shopify Theme is built to make it easy for customers to buy all types of hair care products needed by both men and women alike. With this template, you can easily change colors or upload your own images via Shopify’s drag-and-drop editor. You also have access to various features like newsletter popup, product reviews tab, multiple currencies tab, and more.



Donnie | Barber Shop Shopify Theme

Donnie | Barber Shop Shopify Theme

With the Donnie Barber Shopify Theme, you can create your perfect online store with ease. This customizable template comes with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder so that even if you have little or no development experience, it will be simple to build any page in minutes. The package also includes several pre-made homepages. So whatever type of hair product shop you want to run, whether it’s a barbershop, salon, or spa – this theme has got you covered.



Be-You | Fashion Beauty, Cosmetics Shopify Theme

Be-You | Fashion Beauty, Cosmetics Shopify Theme

Be-You is a fully responsive, eCommerce Shopify theme designed specifically for hair care stores or any other beauty products. This powerful theme comes packed with all the features you need to create your own successful eCommerce website in no time at all. It’s also easy to customize this template using the live frontend editor – simply click on the edit button next to each element of your site and change its color, size, shape, etc

And the Be-You theme offers daily deals that help you create buzz around your products. You can set up a countdown timer for each deal, so customers know they’ll need to act fast to get their discount. Also, with the advanced newsletter subscription form and the ability to add a Facebook Messenger Chatbot, you can make sure your customers never miss out on any special offers or new product releases.



CosmeticKart- Beauty & Cosmetics Shopify Theme

CosmeticKart- Beauty & Cosmetics Shopify Theme

CosmeticKart is an online Shopify theme designed with beauty and cosmetics in mind. It comes with multiple layouts and features that make it easy to sell any kind of beauty product on Shopify. The theme has been optimized for SEO and speed, so you can expect great results from this eCommerce template as well.



Cosmet | Cosmetic & Beauty Shopify Theme

Cosmet | Cosmetic & Beauty Shopify Theme

Cosmet is a beautiful Shopify theme perfectly suitable for hair products. It includes key features like Megamenu, Ajax cart, Sorting filters using tags, Custom swatch options, and much more.

If you’re looking to create an online shop selling beauty products then this is the perfect theme. The design looks great on any screen size because it’s fully responsive which means it will look good no matter what device people use to view it.

It also includes several custom pages that allow you to tell your brand story in detail including an About us page Contact & Faqs page etc.



How To Start a Hair Care Shop Online

This section will cover where and how to find potential suppliers for wholesale hair care products. This includes both local and overseas suppliers.

Then we’ll go over how to brand your store with a custom Logo, Photos, and Videos if you want to create a high-converting eCommerce website.



Hair Product Dropshippers



Inventory Source

Inventory Source + Shopify

Inventory Source (Get a Free Account) has been designed from the ground up with eCommerce retailers in mind – from integration with Shopify & Amazon, and seamless product management tools that work across multiple platforms.

Inventory Source is a full-featured Shopify App that takes care of order processing & tracking for increased efficiency and accuracy of orders. And Inventory Source will also save you hours every day by automating tedious tasks so that you can focus on growing your business.

Plus, Inventory Source has a wide range of hair product drop shippers in their directory, and you can get access to their complete supplier list when you sign up for a free account.




SaleHoo Shopify Landing Page

SaleHoo is a product discovery tool for Shopify drop shippers. The tool gives you visibility into the top trending products on Amazon and eBay so you don’t have to spend hours searching for hot sellers.

With just a few clicks, you can add any of these items to your store and start making money immediately. This software does all of the work for you – it does everything from finding the best products and sourcing suppliers, all the way through drop shipping fulfillment.

You can even set up automatic shipments so that every time one of your products sells on your store, it gets automatically shipped directly from one of their 100’s of suppliers’ warehouses straight to your customer’s door.

If you want to learn more about dropshipping with SaleHoo you can check out their 20-Hour Shopify Dropshipping Video Course (Limited Time Offer)




Spocket Shopify Dropshipping App

Spocket (Get a Free Account) only works with top-quality suppliers who offer products at wholesale prices, so they can pass on the savings to their customers. This allows them to provide products at prices far below other competitors in the space. Their supplier network also includes many EU and US-based sellers, which gives companies access to high-quality beauty brands in North America and Europe. And their Shopify App automates the whole fulfillment process, so all you have to do is upload products and start marketing them to your customers,



How To Create a Logo for a Hair Product Store

In the hair care industry, a logo is essential for any company. Whether it’s big or small, having a strong brand identity will set you apart from your competitors and make your services stand out to consumers.

If you’re not sure where to start with creating a logo for your business, then check out our guide below:

48 Hours Logos (View Logo Design Packages) gives you access to hundreds of graphic artists who can design a new company identity from scratch or refine what you already have.

Otherwise, if you’re looking for a free and easy way to create a logo for your hair product store, then look no further than Canva (Click Here to Sign Up for a Free Account)

This site offers templates with everything you need to design the perfect logo. All of the templates come with fonts that match different industries, colors that work well together, and images that can be used as backgrounds or icons. You just have to choose which template best suits your needs and customize it any way you want.



Videos for Hair Care Websites

A website is a great tool to show off your brand and engage with customers. One of the best ways to do this is through video content. There’s no better way for you to showcase your salon, products, and services than by posting videos on your website that can be easily shared with social media followers or app users.

Envato Elements (Learn More) is a great place to find hundreds of beauty-related stock videos, and they have an unlimited plan that will allow you to download any type of multimedia content you can imagine.



Creative Hair Product Website Names

We all know how hard it can be to come up with a creative name for your business or product, but did you know that the same problem also applies when trying to think of a creative website name?

The Shopify Domain Name Generator (Try Now) provides an easy way to come up with a catchy domain name. All you need to do is supply some basic information about what kind of business you have in mind, and it generates dozens of potential domain names based on the details you provided all with relevant keywords related to your industry or product vertical.