Best Shipping App for Wix

Best Shipping App for Wix

On this page, we’ll take a look at the best shipping apps for Wix and discuss some of the key features they offer. We’ll also provide tips on how to choose the right shipping app for your business. So, whether you’re just getting started or you’re looking for an upgrade, read on for some helpful advice.



Best Shipping App for Wix



Envia Shipping Solution Wix App

Envia Shipping Solution Wix App

Envia Shipping Solution is a Wix App that provides discounted shipping rates and labels for all of your local, domestic, and international shipments with multiple carriers (UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc). With the help of Envia’s fulfillment service, you can also ship products to customers internationally at an affordable price. Best of all, with Envia it only takes a few clicks to generate shipping labels for any courier in seconds, saving you time on managing logistics while reducing shipping costs at the same time.



ShipStation Wix App

ShipStation Wix App

ShipStation is the best shipping app for Wix. It helps you import, organize, and ship orders quickly and easily—wherever you sell, however you ship.

With ShipStation you get discounted carrier rates and you can compare prices all from your Wix dashboard. Plus, with built-in features to automate your shipping processes ShipStation will remove all of the manual labor from your shipping process and help you save time.

ShipStation also allows you to print custom packing slips and provide your customers with tracking information by email so people know where their order stands at all times.

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Shippo Wix App

Shippo Wix App

Shippo is a full-service shipping platform for eCommerce websites like Wix. In addition to helping you automate your shipments, Shippo also integrates directly with multiple carriers and warehouse management software (WMS) systems so you can keep 100% of your orders in one place without having to switch back and forth between different apps for tracking, printing labels, and returns handling. And with Shippo’s powerful capabilities it’s easy to customize their app according to your needs – from building custom workflows & automations using our simple editor down the line integrating directly into your website using RESTful APIs.

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ShipBob Wix App

ShipBob Wix App

ShipBob is a cutting-edge 3PL that can help you with order fulfillment, warehousing, and tracking. ShipBob offers affordable pricing for receiving, warehousing, and fulfillment, and all orders ship the next day when they are placed before 12pm local time. Plus, their integration seamlessly connects your Wix store with ShipBob so you don’t have to worry about inventory management or shipping rates since they manage the whole process from top to bottom.

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Shiptheory Wix App

Shiptheory automatically handles all of your shipping needs, from printing labels and customs documentation to generating tracking information. The app also identifies any potential issues in your data so you can make changes before they become a problem. Plus, with real-time metrics for all your products, you’ll know when it’s time to reorder inventory or know if it is possible to send out another package with just one click.




Easyship Wix App

Easyship is a new app that can help you save time and money on shipping. The Easyship Wix App makes it simple to sync your orders, generate labels and return policies, see all required taxes, duties, courier fees upfront, and more. And with no volume requirements or long-term commitments (and pre-negotiated discounts for 250+ shipping solutions), we think this app is a good choice for someone who’s just starting out with their first eCommerce store.



Packlink PRO Shipping Platform

Packlink PRO Shipping Platform Wix App

Packlink PRO makes shipping from your Wix store easier than ever before. With automated, real-time import of tracking numbers for all shipments and a wide selection of carriers at the best rates, you can save up to 50% on every shipment. Plus, with Packlink Pro it’s easy to print labels directly in Wix or upload them into any other eCommerce platform. And you can also customize every step of your process with custom fields and workflows – no programming required.

Packlink PRO Shipping Platform Availability:

This app isn’t available in the United States of America




Sendcloud Wix App

Sendcloud connects to your favorite carriers and allows you to ship worldwide, while also enabling you to save time, effort, and money on this crucial process, this app also features a self-service return portal that helps reduce the workload on your customer service staff by streamlining the return process.

Sendcloud Availability:

This app isn’t available in the United States




ClickShip Wix App

ClickShip offers discounted shipping rates from top carriers, automatic syncing of orders and products, and real-time rates at checkout. Plus, ClickShip’s innovative Smart Packaging solution ensures that you always get the best shipping rate for your customer.

ClickShip Availability:

This app is only available in Canada.



PrettyDamnQuick Logistics

PrettyDamnQuick Logistics Wix App

PrettyDamnQuick Logistics has all of your logistics needs covered, including an easy-to-use dashboard that connects to multiple carriers so you can ship with ease. The app also takes care of label printing – saving you even more precious time. And with full order visibility, you can pick, pack, and print labels with ease. Finally, this app’s automated processes will reduce errors and return rates which helps save time, frustration, and money.

PrettyDamnQuick Logistics Availability:

This app is only available in Israel.




Shipreadygo Wix App

Shipreadygo has simplified pricing based on receiving and fulfillment costs plus transparent rates, so there’s never any guessing about what your shipment will cost. And Shipreadygo’s China-based warehouses guarantee quick turnaround times as well as high-quality customer service throughout most Asian, Pacific, and European markets.